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Money Lessons with Dad: Jasmine's First Piggy Bank
Money Lessons with dad: Jasmine's first piggy bank

Teaching money management to kids doesn't have to be hard. "Money Lessons with Dad" will offer practical ways for anyone to show the importance and value of money. Whether you're a dad, mom, guardian, grandparent, aunt, or uncle you'll be able to use these books as a guide to making smart financial decisions.

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The Money Club

The Money Club openly and honestly discusses topics including budgeting, investing, starting a business, college without debt, and much more. The characters and illustrations make this book accessible, easy to follow, and entertaining to read. This is a book that parents and teachers should ensure finds its way into the hands of every teenager.

The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy
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The Money Club Workbook
The Money Club WorkBook

The Money Club Workbook follows The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy to provide practice for even the most daunting of financial topics. Ms. Brown provides an interactive way to the understanding of the basic concepts that shape today's financial world. The Money Club Workbook also gives tools students can use to develop as a part of their every day financial decisions. Topics include: Choosing the right bank account Beginning investing Setting SMART Goals Budgeting Writing a Check Starting a side hustle Sole Proprietorships v/s LLCs Credit Cards and Scores, Comparing college & more!

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