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My Journey to Becoming an Author

Not your average story

I wish I could tell you that writing has always been my passion. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to turn my passion into a profession. Truth is, that was not my journey to becoming an author! I did not spend countless hours honing my craft, learning the ins and outs of the writing process, and developing my writing skills. I did not even personally know any authors, let alone think I would become one!

The car ride that would change everything

My story started in a car driving in Malibu with my mom's best friend, Josie. A Drake song was playing on the radio. Josie turned down the music and looked at me as I looked out at the beach in awe and said Jas, you should write a book. Talk about a jaw-dropping moment. Me, write a book? I was a numbers girl. Math and lunch were my favorite subjects in school! I told Josie she couldn't pay me to write a book, I felt pretty strongly that it was not my ministry. I even called my mom when we arrived at Josie's house and explained how her friend had lost her mind. Of course, my mom being who she was, told me she agreed with her 100%. I had a nonprofit, and I was living out my passion for teaching financial literacy to students across North Carolina. What better way to expand my reach and mission? I won’t ever forget that moment. Looking back on it, I’m glad they both played a part in planting the seed that grew into my first book!

God's purpose will prevail

Still, I declined that writing a book was next for me. Months after that car ride in Malibu, I was asked to do an interview for an online publication. While sitting outside a coffee shop in Holly Springs, the interviewer asked me, What is next for FACTS for Youth? I remember I explained how I ride the wave God has me on. It's both a pun because I'm a swim coach and also a testament that my life is God’s plan and not one of my own choosing. It was then that I had a realization. It was as if God was using this interview to tell me the exact plans He had for me. The way the words flowed through and the clarity I had made my next statement easy. I announced I would be working on a book.

The path I didn't expect

I know, not your average story, but I am so grateful for it. My journey to becoming an author has been full of highs and lows, but it has ultimately been incredibly rewarding. I have learned the importance of persistence and dedication, I have inspired others around me to push through and make their dream a reality, and I have been able to travel to places I otherwise would not have! Next, I will go into more detail about my writing process, so be sure to look out for my next blog post.

Julie Brown & Josie

This blog post is dedicated to my mom Julie and her best friend Josie neither are with me in the physical realm anymore but always with me still.

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